Abana Tablets

Abana TabletsHimalaya Abana tablets are a wonderful remedy for various types of heart issues. It is in fact a complete heart care formula that helps in keeping heart protected against any damage that may be caused due to multiple health issues. It is completely herbal or organic in origin and hence totally safe for the heart in all respects. No harm is caused to the heart or any other body parts or organs with the use of this amazing herbal remedy.


Himalaya Abana tablets are rich in Arjuna and Indian Bdellium. Both of these are being used since ancient times to promote good heart health.


  1. It keeps a check over cholesterol level in the body which in turn saves heart against numerous health issues.
  2. It also lowers down the level of fatty acids in the body.
  3. Level of triglycerides is also reduced with the use of this product.
  4. Abana acts as a very good cardioprotective which is good from point of view of normal functions as well as overall health of a person.
  5. It regularizes and normalizes the blood pressure in the body.
  6. It prevents deposition of fats along the walls of arteries which in turn prevents the condition of arthrosclerosis.

Anyone suffering from different types of heart issues may use this wonderful product and enjoy good health in all respects.

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