Agniwardhak Bati

baidyanath vatiAs the name suggests, Agniwardhak Bati that has been presented by the store of Shree Baidyanath group helps in stimulation of the digestive fire so as to promote healthy digestion. It is good for those who suffer from indigestion and the associated symptoms frequently. It paces up metabolism by normalizing digestive fire for its proper working.

Chief components

All the components of Agniwardhak Bati are herbal or ayurvedic in nature. The major components of this herbal formula are-

  • Akwanphool
  • Lemon Juice
  • Bidlawan
  • Naavsadar
  • Marich

How is Agniwardhak Bati useful?

  • Baidyanath Agniwardhak Bati acts as an alternative tonic for the stomach. It nourishes all the parts of the digestive system for their most optimal functions.
  • It is a very good appetizer and hence suitable for those who lack appetite.
  • It may be used to treat and get rid of symptoms of dyspepsia.
  • It attacks at the root cause of most of the digestive issues i.e. indigestion. The digestive capacity of the stomach is improved which in turn assures that all the foods consumed by the stomach are digested properly and completely.

Mode of using Agniwardhak Bati

People suffering from various digestive issues may suck 4-5 pills of this herbal product all through the day.

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