Ajwain Ark

Ajwain ArkDigestive problems are common such as flatulence, gaseousness and heaviness in the stomach. Sometimes, there may be pain as well. All these problems arise due to indigestion or wrong eating habits. Even intake of wrong and highly fatty and oily foods may lead to such problems. Keeping in mind the same fact, Shree Baidyanath Company has presented a wonderful herbal formula called as Ajwain Ark. It is apt in dealing with all the digestive issues in an apt and safe manner.

Active constituents

Well, Ajwain Ark has been prepared from celery seeds. It is known as Carum Ajmoda in ayurvedic medicine world.

How to take?

In most of the cases, 30-60 ml of the ark is sufficient. Even a healthcare physician may be consulted to decide about its dose.

How is it useful?

  • Baidyanath Ajwain Ark helps in soothing down the pain, and other discomforts in the stomach.
  • It is helpful in treatment and prevention of abdominal colic.
  • It is also good in case of flatulence.
  • People suffering from dyspepsia may also use this ark and get rid of their problem for good.
  • It aids in complete digestion of the foods consumed by the body and hence prevents occurrence of common digestive issues.

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