Akik Bhasma

Akik BhasmaAs is clear from the name, Baidyanath Akik Bhasma contains Akik as one of its chief constituting agents. It is also rich in aloe Vera content. Both the ingredients are known for their health-beneficial effect on the entire body. Keeping in mind the same fact, these are combined together to make Akik bhasma so as to promote overall general health of the body in a totally safe and natural way.

How does Akik Bhasma benefit human body?

Well, there are multiple ways by which Biadyanath Akik  Bhasma proves to be beneficial for the human body. These are as mentioned below.

Akik Bhasma exhibits antacid properties and hence helps in getting rid of acidity and hyperacidity.

It is useful in case of piles and haemorrhage both of which are again related to the digestive system.

It is good for mental health as well. This feature makes it useful in treatment of epilepsy.

Weakness of heart may be got ridden of as it aids in strengthening of the heart muscles.

It can be used to reduce asthma attacks.

Similarly, bronchitis may also be treated well.

It strengthens the entire body and helps in retaining its vigour naturally.

Akik Bhasma can even be used for certain eye problems. It helps in improving vision.

It is a very good haemostatic and hence stops bleeding within the vessels.

How to use?

You may take 375 mg of Akik Bhasma with honey for varying health issues.


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