Amla or Indian Gooseberry which is also called as Emblica Officinalis is known for its health-beneficial properties. That is why it is made available in the form of capsules by Himalaya Company. Amalaki Capsules are quite popular among users due to multiple health benefits associated with the same.


It consists of a group of tannins derived from ellagic and gallic acids.

How to use?

Mostly one capsule of Amalaki is recommended to be taken 2 times in a day. Even a healthcare physician may be consulted.


  1. It supplies abundant of Vitamin C to the body so as to improve its immunity.
  2. It rejuvenates the skin by properly nourishing the same. Regeneration of new skin cells is also accelerated.
  3. It optimizes liver functions and protects it against any damage.
  4. Anti-ageing properties of Amalaki help in keeping you young for long time. It prevents premature ageing of the skin, hairs as well as the entire body.
  5. It supports good health and normal functions of respiratory system.
  6. It is very effective in relieving hyperacidity and dyspepsia.
  7. People suffering from cold and cough are also benefitted with the use of Amalaki capsules.

Amalaki capsules are beneficial for the human body in multiple ways and hence may be used under the supervision of healthcare expert.

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