AmritarishtaBaidyanath Amritarishta is an amazing product from the store of Shree Baidyanath group. It is in fact a very good tonic for the entire body that helps in treatment and prevention of numerous health issues. It has been prepared from herbal or ayurvedic ingredients only so as to ensure safety of the users in all respects.

Key components

Baidyanath Amritarishta has been prepared from below mentioned ingredients.

  1. Trikatu
  2. Dashmool
  3. Guduchi
  4. Jirak
  5. Chatwan
  6. Motha
  7. Pittapapara
  8. Nagkeshar
  9. Jaggary
  10. Kutki
  11. Indrayava
  12. Atis


  1. Baidyanath Amritarishta acts as a tonic for the entire body.
  2. It is a very good stimulant and hence promotes normal functions of the digestive system and associated enzymes.
  3. It is good for those who suffer from loss of appetite. It improves appetite by correcting the digestive functions.
  4. It can be used in the treatment of chronic and bilious fever. It helps in reducing excessively high fever and at the same time aids in getting rid of the relevant signs and symptoms.

How to use?

Mostly, 15to 30 ml of this medicine is recommended to be taken with equal quantity of water. A healthcare physician may be consulted in case there are other health issues too.


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