Arbindasava which is an herbal product from the store of Shree Baidyanath group may be considered as a complete healthcare product for the entire body of children. It is quite beneficial for children in multiple ways. It helps in promoting good health of the entire body of children without causing any side-effects or ill-effects on the body in any way.

Chief components

Baidyanath Arbindasava is rich in following ingredients-

  • Jatamansi
  • Motha
  • Banch
  • Kamal Phool
  • Ushir
  • Gambhari
  • Nilophar
  • Nishoth
  • Khareti
  • Manjistha
  • Triphala
  • Ela
  • Sariva
  • Kachur
  • Arjuna
  • Mulethi
  • Munakka
  • Jagery


  • Arbindasava is a great tonic for children and hence promotes their natural growth.
  • The carminative properties contained in this wonderful herbal remedy help in soothing down the stomach.
  • It is a very good appetizer and hence improves appetite in children.
  • It is helpful in the treatment of rickets which is a common problem among children.
  • Children may be relived of fever with the use of this herbal medicine.
  • Cough can be soothed down with the use of this product.
  • Children may get rid of constipation as well as diarrhoea by taking Arbindasava regularly.

How to use?

You may take 15to 30 ml of the medicine with equal quantity of water for common health issues.

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