Arjun Ghrita

Arjun Ghrita

Prepared from a blend of wonderful herbal ingredients including Terminalia Arjuna And Ghrita as the chief components, Baidyanath Arjun Ghrita is a wonderful herbal product that is chiefly aimed at improving the health of the heart. It is in fact a very good heart tonic that aids in normalizing heart functions so as to ensure its good health in a natural way. It nourishes the heart cells, tissues and muscles so that all of these may work with their maximum efficiency.

What are the major benefits of Arjun Ghrita?

Baidyanath Arjun Ghrita is a very good astringent that aids in redirecting the course of any types of illness or health issues relevant to the heart. This action aids in faster recovery from various heart diseases or disorders.

The wonderful herbal components present in Arjun Ghrita help in supplying all the essential nutrients required for normal heart functions.

It can be used by such people who suffer from shortness of breath.

Any types of congestion in the heart that may be caused due to varying reasons are also managed very effectively.

It can even be used to treat and prevent cardiac failure.

Mode of using

Different types of heart relevant issues may be managed by taking 1-12gms of Arjun Ghrita with warm milk two times in a day.

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