Baidyanath Kankayan Bati

771_bgBaidyanath Kankayan Bati is an ayurvedic product that helps in promoting good health of the digestive in a safe and natural way. It is an evident fact that digestive system is one of the most important systems of human body. To assure its normal working and functions, normal and proper digestion is important. And this task can be well-accomplished by using this wonderful product from the Shree Baidyanath group.

How is Kankayan Bati useful?

  • Baidyanath Kankayan Bati acts as a carminative for the stomach and hence offers a soothing effect to all the parts and organs of the digestive system.
  •  It stimulates all the gastric enzymes, juices and other components to function normally and most optimally.
  •  Flatulence which in mainly caused due to improper digestion of the foods can be got ridden of.
  •  Constipation that may be acute or chronic in nature can also be managed very well.
  •  It offers relief from gaseousness and heaviness in the stomach.

What are the active ingredients?

Kankayan Bati is rich in wonderful herbal ingredients including Nishoth, Hing, Kachur, Chitrakmool, Dantimool, Sonth and Bunch. All of these are beneficial for the stomach in their own unique ways.

Using the Baidyanath Kankayan Bati

You may take 1 to 2 pills of Kankayan Bati with warm water to get rid of various digestive problems.

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