Baidyanath Karpuradi Bati

karpooradi_bati_medium_2Mouth is perhaps one of the most important parts or organs of human body as it aids in consumption of foods and beverages required by the body. Therefore good health of the oral parts such as teeth and gums is vital to assure overall health of human body. Baidyanath Karpuradi Bati has been formulated and presented keeping in mind the same fact. It helps in keeping all the oral parts in good health and normal working condition.

What it contains?

Baidyanath Karpuradi Bati contains herbal components including Clove, Ela, Nutmeg, Camphor and Supari. All these constituents are being used since ancient times for promoting good oral health in a natural manner.


  • Karpuradi Bati exhibits potent astringent properties and hence it is effective in prevention of bleeding of gums.
  • It is rich in antiseptic properties so as to fight against minor cuts, bruises or injuries in an efficient way.
  • Gingivitis which is mainly caused due to inflammation of the gums is also soothed down.
  • Bad smell coming from the mouth which is referred to as Pyorrhoea in medical science is also managed efficiently.

Mode of using

Suck 1 to 2 pills of Karpuradi Bati in a day and get rid of oral problems.

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