Baidyanath Lawangadi Bati

lawangadi_batiBaidyanath Lawangadi Bati has been prepared by using Lawang or clove as its major component. Therefore it is useful in case of various health issues related to the respiratory system. It promotes good health of the human body without casting any ill-effects on any of the body parts or organs.

How is Lawangadi Bati beneficial?

As mentioned above, Lawangadi Bati offers multiple health benefits to the users as stated below.

  • Lawangadi Bati exhibits strong expectorant properties and hence aids in expulsion of mucus or phlegm from the respiratory tracts.
  • It eases the breathing process by clearance of airways, lungs and other parts of the respiratory system.
  • It may be used to get rid of bronchitis which is mainly caused due to obstruction of the bronchioles and the bronchi.
  • Laryngitis which is commonly found in people can also be managed and prevented.
  • It is equally effective in case of cold and cough. It offers effective relief from all the associated symptoms.


You just need to suck the pills as per prescription of the healthcare expert. The dose may vary in different cases and hence it is best to take advice from the specialists in the concerned field.

Chief constituents

Besides clove, Lawangadi Bati contains other elements including Katachu, Marich and Vibhitak.

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