Brahmi Bati (Buddhi vardhak)

brahmi_bati_1As per Indian language, the basic or literal meaning of ‘buddhi’ is ‘wisdom or intellect’ whereas ‘vardhak’ stands for ‘one that improves or promotes’. In this regard, Brahmi Bati is helpful in improving wisdom or intellect of a person in a purely natural and safe way. It contains multiple ingredients that are being used since ancient times for most optimal brain functions.


The chief ingredients contained Brahmi Bati are as follows.

  • Chandroday Prawal Bhasma
  • Abhrak Bhasma
  • Moti Pishti
  • Akik Bhasma
  • Swarn Bhasma

Chief uses

  1. Brahmi Bati acts as one of the most excellent tonics for the brain. In this sense, it may be used to nourish all the parts of the brain so as to optimize their functions.
  2. It may even be used for regaining lost memory. It helps in regaining memory and at the same time improves the same.
  3. It also acts as a mild sedative and hence used by those who have problems in sleeping. It induces sleep naturally.
  4. It is good for students as they can improve their intellect, memory and concentrative powers using this wonderful herbal tonic.

Mode of using Brahmi Bati

In most of the cases, 1 pill of this herbal formula is recommendable to be taken with honey two times in a day.

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