Brahmi Bati (S.M.YU)

Baidyanath Brahmi BatiThe herb called as Brahmi is being used since ancient times to promote good health of the brain and the entire nervous system. That is why this wonderful herb is used in combination with some other herbal or ayurvedic ingredients so as to optimize brain functions. At the same time, it is even useful in recovery from certain types of mental illness. Keeping in view the same fact, Baidyanath Brahmi Bati (S.M.YU) has been formulated and presented for benefit of millions of users.

Chief components

Apart from Brahmi herb, Brahmi Bati (S.M.YU) is rich in some other active constituents as well. These are Buch, Marich, Shankhpushpi and Ras Sindoor.

Major uses

a)   Baidyanath Brahmi Bati (S.M.YU) is used to soothe down brain and get relieved of stress, tension, depression or such other negative mental states.

b)  It is also a very good sedative and hence used to treat insomnia.

c)   Epilepsy which is again a condition related to the brain is also treated in an apt manner using this wonderful herbal remedy.

d)  Similarly, it may be used in case of hysteria too.

e)   People who have just come out of coma are also advised to use this wonderful herbal remedy so as to optimize their brain functions.

How to use?

You may take 1 pill of Brahmi Bati (S.M.YU) two times in a day with honey for most excellent outcomes.

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