Since ancient times, Brahmi herb which is also known as Bacopa is being used in the treatment and prevention of issues related to the mental health of a person. This wonderful herb is capable of supporting good intellect, memory, learning capacity and concentrative powers. In fact, it proves to be an excellent tonic for the nerves of the brain. Due to same reasons, it is used in the preparation of Brahmi capsules that are presented by the renowned Himalaya Company.


Well, Himalaya Brahmi capsules are rich in alkaloids such as brahmine and herpestine. Additionally, it also contains  hersaponin, saponins, monnierin etc.

What are the chief uses?

  • Himalaya Brahmi capsules help in enhancing memory to great extent. It is specifically beneficial for the students as they can learn things well using these capsules.
  • The cognitive abilities of the brain are also improved to considerable extent.
  • The entire brain including all its cells, tissues, nerves and muscles are nourished with the help of Brahmi capsules.
  • Stress, tension and anxiety are all released from the mind in an efficient way.
  • It is useful in the treatment of epilepsy, dementia and psychosis.

How to take?

Take one Brahmi capsule two times in a day or as per directions of your doctor.

You can enjoy good mental health with the regular use of Brahmi capsules.

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