himalaya-bresol-tabletsBresol tablets that have been presented by the Himalaya Company are helpful in management of numerous issues related to the respiratory system of human beings. These have been prepared using the most excellent herbal or natural extracts and hence absolutely safe for human beings in all respects. It is an apt product for those suffering from asthma, allergic rhinitis or bronchitis.

Key ingredients

It contains turmeric, holy basil and Malabar nut.

Uses of Bresol tablets

  1. It exhibits antihistaminic properties that help in treatment as well as prevention of bronchospasms or such other allergic reactions related to the respiratory tract.
  2. It is also useful in the treatment of asthma.
  3. It eases the breathing process and hence offers great relief to the sufferer.
  4. It soothes down any irritation, itching or inflammation in the respiratory tract.
  5. The overall body immunity is improved which in turn enhances body’s capacity to fight off various infectious conditions associated with the respiratory system.
  6. It helps in breakdown of mucus for its easy removal from the respiratory system.
  7. It also opens up the blocked nasal passages which in turn offer great relief during the problem of stuffy nose.
  8. It saves respiratory system against microbial attack.
  9. It is totally safe and hence recommendable for anyone suffering from various issues associated with the respiratory system.

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