Chandanadi Bati

Chandanadi BatiChandanadi Bati is an herbal product from the store of Baidyanath group. It is useful for the urinary system in multiple ways. It promotes normal functions as well as good health of the kidneys and the entire urinary system in a natural and totally safe way.

What are the major components?

As indicated by the name, Chandanadi Bati has been prepared by using chandan as the chief element. Additionally, other herbal constituents are also used such as Amalaki,  Rasaut, Chandan, Ela, Bijora,Kababchini, and Gairic.


  • Chandanadi Bati acts as a diuretic and hence aids in excretion of wastes out of the body via urine.
  • It is also a very good urinary antiseptic which helps in recovery from infections or minor injuries to the urinary parts and organs.
  • Chandanadi Bati is also a very good demulcent which helps in soothing down any types of irritation, inflammation or itching in the urinary system.
  • It may be used to treat and prevent gonorrhoea as well as cystitis.


In most of the cases, 2-3 pills of Chandanadi Bati are recommendable to be taken four times a day with water. In case, there are certain serious health issues, a healthcare physician or expert may be consulted.

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