Chandanadi Lauh

Chandanadi LauhAs the name suggests, Baidyanath Chandanadi Lauh is rich in chandan or sandalwood. Hence it offers soothing and cooling effect to the body. Apart from chandan, other constituents have also been used to impart medicinal properties to this fabulous herbal remedy. It is chiefly used to cure various diseases or disorders related to the urinary system.

What are the chief components of Chandanadi Lauh?

Baidyanath Chandanadi Lauh is rich in Redsandal, Khas, Pipal, kamalphool, Patha, Haritaki, Amalaki etc.

Health benefits of Chandanadi Lauh

a. Baidyanath Chandanadi Lauh exhibits diuretic action and hence aids in detoxification of the body by excretion of wastes and toxins via urine.

b. It acts as a very good urinary antiseptic and hence helps in getting rid of infections in the urinary system.

c. Gonorrhoea can be treated very effectively.

d. Similarly, it can be used to treat a very painful condition called as cystitis. It helps in removal of cyst from the urinary or genital organs in a pain-free and natural way.

e. Additionally, urethritis can also be got ridden of very well using this herbal remedy.

How to use?
It is advised to take 2 tablets of Chandanadi Lauh two times in a day to get rid of different types of health issues.

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