ChandanasavaLike all other systems and organs of the body, urinary system is also important. It is because urinary system helps in excretion of wastes out of the body so as to ensure normal functions of all the body parts and organs. But this important system also suffers from numerous health issues that may have an adverse effect on the entire body. To deal with such health problems, Baidyanath Chandanasava has been presented by the Shree Baidyanath group. It is an excellent product when it comes to management of issues related to the urinary system.


It consists of Manjistha, Lodhra, Chirayata, But Chal, Pippal Chhal, Amra Chhal, Munakka, Dhataki, Jaggery, Chandan, Sugandhbala, Motha, Gambhari, Nilophar, Mulethi, Rashna, Kanchnar, Mochras etc.

How is Chandanasava beneficial?

a)   Baidyanath Chandanasava acts as a very good diuretic. It helps in complete detoxification of the body by removal of wastes via urine.

b)  It is also an excellent antiseptic for the urinary system. Any type of infections or minor injuries, wounds etc. can be readily and excellently treated with the use of this product.

c)   It is also useful in case of gonorrhoea.

d)  Urinary tract infections or other urinary diseases or disorders may also be prevented with the help of this wonderful herbal remedy.

e)   Men suffering from problems related to the sexual or reproductive system may also use this product.

f)    It is used in the treatment of Spermatorrhoea.

How to use?

Take 15to 30 ml of Chandanasava with an equal quantity of water for best results.


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