Chandramrit lauh

Chandramrit lauhVarious respiratory problems are suffered by people in routine life. Out of these, cough is the most common type. It may be due to seasonal changes, allergies or such other factors. All these problems can be managed well using Baidyanath Chandramrit lauh. It is an amazing presentation by Shree Baidyanath group and helps in apt treatment and prevention of almost all types of respiratory problems.


Baidyanath Chandramrit lauh contains herbal constituents including Trikatu, laugh bhasma, Triphala, Dhania, sulpheur, Jirak, Saindhav, mercury, abhrak bhasma etc.

What are the major benefits?

i. Baidyanath Chandramrit lauh helps in removal of mucus and phlegm from the respiratory pathways and the system owing o expectorant properties.

ii. It helps in relieving cough in an effective way.

iii. It is useful in case of chronic bronchitis.

iv. Various types of chest diseases can be treated and prevented with the use of Chandramrit lauh.

v. It also helps in offering great relief from spasms in the chest due to antispasmodic action exhibited by this magical product.

vi. It offers relief from signs and symptoms of different types of respiratory problems.
Mode of using

It is advised to take 325 to 750mgs of Baidyanath Chandramrit lauh with honey twice in a day.

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