Chopchiniyadi churna

Chopchiniyadi churna


Baidyanath Chopchiniyadi churna is such a wonderful product that is apt in the treatment of multiple health issues related to various parts and organs of the human body. It is rich in such properties that are helpful in promoting overall health of the human body in a purely safe and herbal way. The major components of this herbal preparation are as mentioned below.


  1. Chopchini
  2. Piplamool
  3. Sonth
  4. Mishri
  5. Bidangdalchini
  6. Pipal
  7. Marich
  8. Lavang
  9. Khurasaniajwain

Advantages of Chopchiniyadi churna

Baidyanath Chopchiniyadi churna acts as a mild sedative and hence induces sleep naturally in a person.

It can be used in the treatment of rheumatism as well due to anti-rheumatic properties contained in its constituents.

It is a very good stimulant that stimulates all the body parts and organs for their normal functions.

It is equally useful in the treatment of syphilis and seminal weakness.

Gout can be cured very well.

It is very efficient in treatment of epilepsy, nervous diseases etc.

Malignant ulcers can also be got ridden of in an apt manner.

It aids in faster recovery from any types of illness owing to its alterative action.

The Diaphoretic action of this wonderful product helps in inducing perspiration.

Using the product

Recommendable dose for Chopchiniyadi churna is 3 to 6gms with milk.

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