confidoHimalaya Confido tablets are wonderful herbal remedy for almost all types of sexual or reproductive problems issues by men in their routine life. It is a non-hormonal ayurvedic formula that is totally safe to be used by anyone to promote normal functions of the sexual and reproductive organs.


Himalaya Confido is rich in multiple herbal constituents such as Lettuce, Salep Orchid, Hygorphilia, Elephant creeper, small calatrops, sarpagandha, suvarnavang, Cow Itch plant, stone flowers and jeevanti. All these are good for the sexual and reproductive health of men in their own individual ways.

How is Confido useful?

  1. It increases sexual desire in men.
  2. Sexual stamina is also improved considerably.
  3. It restores the lost confidence in men by making them perform better in bed.
  4. It also helps in reduction of anxiety during intercourse which is chiefly responsible for poor performance.
  5. It also treats premature ejaculation.
  6. It helps men to get rid of erectile dysfunction by making them achieve harder and stronger erections.
  7. It also helps in production of healthy sperms.
  8. The problem of nocturnal emission is also got ridden of.
  9. It also maintains normal hormonal balance in the body for most optimal functioning of the sexual and reproduction systems.


The dose of confido tablets may vary in different people. Generally, one tablet is advised one hour before bed time.

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