Cystone Tablets

cystone-tabAs the name suggests, Himalaya Cystone tablets are meant to treat and prevent the condition of cystitis or urinary tract infections in both the genders. At the same time, it is apt in removal of stones from the body so as to relieve all the associated signs and symptoms. In this regard, it promotes overall body health in a totally safe way.


Himalaya Cystone tablets are prepared using small caltrops or Gokshura, Shilapushpa or Didymocarpus pedicellata and Pasanabheda or Saxifraga Ligulata.


  • It is apt in removal of small stones from the body in a pain free way. It is attributed to presence of diuretic properties in this herbal formula. At the same time, formation of stones is prevented.
  • The anti-microbial action of cystone helps in saving the urinary system against various types of infections.
  • It offers a soothing effect to the internal tissues of the body thereby relieves any type of irritation, itching or inflammation.
  • It also offers relief from painful urination that may be caused due to any reasons.
  • Condition of dysuria or presence of blood in the urine is also cured very well.
  • It treats the problem of crystalluria as well. It prevents formation of crystals in the urine.

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