Dabur Chaywanprakash

Dabur ChaywanprakashDabur Chaywanprakash is a sugar-free formula to keep your body re-energized. It is similar to Dabur Chaywanprash with the only difference that it is sugar-free. It is perfectly suited for those who suffer from the problem of high blood sugar. It has multiple benefits for the body and hence aids in promoting its good health in a safe way. Purely based on ayurvedic principles, Dabur Chaywanprakash is rich in herbal extracts and natural components that are good for the human body in different ways.

How to use?

Depending upon age and requirements, 1-2 teaspoon of this wonderful product may be taken once-twice in a day. Remember to drink milk following consumption of Dabur Chaywanprakash.


  • Dabur Chaywanprakash supplies essential nutrients to the body for its good health and most optimal functions.
  • It enhances the physical as well as mental efficiency of the users.
  • It is good for immune system. It improves body immunity in a natural way and hence increases its capacity to fight off diseases or other health issues in the best manner possible.
  • It fights off age by keeping you young and energetic for long time.
  • You may get rid of physical weakness, tiredness and exhaustion with the regular use of this product.

Dabur Chaywanprakash is one of the most excellent natural remedies for the human body and hence recommendable for all.

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