Dabur Fem Oxybleach

Dabur Fem OxybleachIt is a well-known fact that human beings and all living beings need oxygen for their survival. It is true for all body parts including skin too. The skin cells need constant supply of oxygen so as to keep on with normal functions. It is also important from point of view of beauty and glow of the skin. Owing to same reasons, Dabur Fem Oxybleach has been prepared and presented so that millions of users may get benefited by using this product.

How to use?

Make sure your skin is clean before applying this product. Mix together all the ingredients of the product and then apply the same on your skin thoroughly while massaging gently. Wait for sometime or as per requirements of your skin followed by washing off with water.

Action of Dabur Fem Oxybleach on the skin

  • It offers full protection to all the skin types thereby keeping it safe against all sorts of damages.
  • It helps in getting rid of ageing signs in an apt manner.
  • It rejuvenates the skin cells thereby giving a refreshed look to your skin.
  • It gives you instant glowing fairness within minutes.

Dabur Fem Oxybleach is a unique bleaching formula for all skin types and hence can be used without the fear of any side-effects on the skin.

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