Dabur Hajmola Candy

Hajmola-CandySuffering from indigestion? No worry when Dabur Hajmola Candy is there to give instant relief and facilitate comfort & fun.

Ingredients – Dabur Hajmola Candy contains the following –

  1. Zeera
  2. Sunth
  3. Kalimirch
  4. Nimbu Sar
  5. Pippali
  6. Samundra Lavan

All the above ingredients are mixed in apt proportions to make a wonderful effective formulation for indigestion and constipation etc.

Benefits – This zingy tangy candy is quite tasty. It is advantageous as under:

  1. Digestive juices start working in improved manners with its use.
  2. The fun filled flavors, i.e. Aam, Albela and Chulbuli Imli work wonders to give loving tastes. The khatta meetha taste is all the more funny.
  3. It does not result in any adverse effects upon the users.
  4. This zingy tangy candy helps to reduce stomach acidity.
  5. Those suffering from constipation or stomach pain must try it. Stressful feelings because of constipation are got rid of with it.
  6. Reduced appetite can be managed with its regular use.
  7. Those feeling heaviness of stomach must take it.
  8. Available in sweet and tangy taste; Dabur Hajmola Candy is appreciated by all.
  9. It helps in neutralizing toxins that are helpful in absorbing food in easy manners. Gas related problems are also got rid of with its use.
  10. Those suffering from abdominal bloating, belching or upper abdominal pain must try it.

One of the best products of Dabur; Hajmola Candy has become the preferred choice of millions of people across the globe.

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