Dabur Promise Toothpaste

dabur_promise_toothpasteAmong various dental care products from the store of Dabur Company, Dabur Promise Toothpaste stands distinct. It is because this product has been awarded Le Monde World Selection Gold Medals in London and Amsterdam for its excellence in quality. It is top-rated product that is completely assured of its quality as well as safety of use for the users.

Key ingredients

It is rich in multiple naturally occurring ingredients out of which clove oil is the major component. That is why it is rich in medicinal properties as well.

Advantages of Dabur Promise Toothpaste

  • Dabur Promise Toothpaste helps in offering complete protection to the teeth against attack of microbes or other harmful agents.
  • It helps in cleaning your teeth properly and completely so as to prevent numerous dental issues.
  • It is rich in antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties and hence helpful in prevention of infections.
  • It promotes good health of the gums as well as teeth in a natural way.
  • The roots of teeth are made strong enough to prevent unnecessary decay or deterioration of teeth.

You can also enjoy good oral health by incorporating Dabur Promise Toothpaste in your routine. Use this toothpaste to brush your teeth twice in a day to have naturally shining and healthy teeth.

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