Dabur Pudin Hara

pudin_haraLooking like green pearls; Dabur Pudin Hara tablets are in use by millions of people in the world. This wonderful herbal medicine works wonders for giving relief form indigestion, gas and other stomach problems. Free from any toxic elements; the herbal components of this unique product of Dabur India do not put any side effects.

Benefits – Available in the form of tablets; Dabur Pudin Hara is advantageous as under:

  1. It gives instant relief from stomachache.
  2. Those suffering from gas and indigestion must try this product.
  3. Stomach disorders can be got rid of with its even use.
  4. Those suffering from flatulence must try this Dabur product that has the major ingredient, i.e. Mint extract in it.
  5. The excellent carminative features of Dabur Hara work wonders for giving relief from digestive disorders.
  6. It is useful for problems like vomiting and nausea etc.
  7. This trusted product of Dabur India has become much popular because of its unique digestive features.
  8. Totally natural and safe; this wonderful product is much effective for all problems related with our stomach.
  9. It acts like a strong soother and improves our immune system.

Demand for Dabur Pudin Hara tablets are on continuous rise because of its unique features and unmatched benefits. This special blend of mint oils has been in use since centuries.

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