Dabur RatnaPrakash

Dabur RatnaPrakashDabur RatnaPrakash is a new development in the series of Dabur Chaywanprash. Dabur Ratnaprakash has all the benefits of the old product with some added advantages for the users. It is a wonderful product that helps in keeping you energized. The capacity of the body to fight off fatigue and tiredness is also enhanced with the regular use of this amazing product.


It is rich in Moti, Kesar and Musli that are helpful in energizing the entire body.


  • Dabur RatnaPrakash helps in compensating for the energy lost in accomplishment of various physical and mental tasks.
  • It helps in retaining youthful power in human body in a safe way.
  • It helps human body to fight off fatigue, weakness and tiredness in a better manner.
  • It is equally good for mind as well.
  • It enhances physical and mental stamina, vigour and vitality.
  • It is best-suited for those who have to execute various tasks that require physical energy to great extent.
  • It helps in relieving stress from the mind.
  • Presence of Moti in Dabur RatnaPrakash makes it beneficial for the skin as well.
  • Overall body immunity is improved with the regular intake of Dabur RatnaPrakash.

Energize your mind and body with the help of Dabur RatnaPrakash!

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