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Dabur Uveda Complete Fairness Cream

Dabur Uveda Complete Fairness CreamFair complexion is definitely a matter of pride for anyone. It is specifically true for the fairer sex. That is why most people make efforts and use fairness products to enhance their beauty. In this respect, Dabur Uveda Complete Fairness Cream proves to be quite effective as it is totally based upon aurvedic principles. That is why it is absolutely assured of its safety and efficiency in all respects.

What is contains?

The chief components of this wonderful skin care formula are kesar, Javetri, Kasturimanjal and Raktachandan. All these are beneficial for the skin in their individual ways and hence help in enhancing the fairness to significant extent.


  • Dabur Uveda Complete Fairness Cream helps in improving skin complexion by lightening of the skin tone. And it is done from deep layers of the skin.
  • It also helps in making your skin soft and smooth.
  • Any types of marks or blemishes on the skin are removed with the regular use of this cream.
  • The skin is deeply nourished with the help of wonderful ingredients present in this cream which in turn promotes natural skin beauty.
  • A wonderful glow is imparted to the skin.

How to use?

Simply apply the required quantity of cream all over your face two times in a day.

You can also improve your complexion using Dabur Uveda Complete Fairness Cream. 

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