Dabur Uveda Tightening Mask

Dabur Uveda Tightening MaskApart from other signs of ageing, loose and sagging skin is also an indicative of advancing age. In young age, most people have tight and firm skin. With advancement in age, the skin becomes loose and sagging due to physical changes taking place in the body. At the same time, negligence in taking well care of the skin also contributes towards this problem. This problem can be treated well using Dabur Uveda Tightening Mask. It has been especially prepared for such people who have loose skin.


The major constituents of this cream are Jaiphal, Gular and Vat.

How is Dabur Uveda Tightening Mask useful?

  • Dabur Uveda Tightening Mask offers complete nourishment to the skin to promote its good health.
  • The skin is made tighter and firmer to enhance its youthful looks.
  • The natural ingredients present in this cream help in making skin elastic.
  • The skin is made supple with the regular use of this product on your face.
  • It is totally a safe product that doesn’t cause any harm to your skin in any way.
  • It is suitable for all types of skin.

Dabur Uveda Tightening Mask certainly helps you to have tighter and firmer skin so as to make you look young and attractive.

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