Baidyanath Dashmoolarista is an amazing presentation that is apt for women in different ways. It has been especially designed and developed keeping in mind the unique needs of women’s body. Different types of health issues experienced by women during various stages of life such as menstruation, pregnancy, child birth and post-natal problems can be well-treated using this herbal remedy. It has been very carefully prepared under the supervision of experts in the store of Shree Baidyanath group so as to ensure overall safety of health of women’s body.

How is Dashmoolarista prepared?

Well, it has been prepared from some of the most excellent herbal ingredients found in the Mother Nature. The chief constituents of this herbal preparation include Vidanga, Kabab Chini, Chandan, ChitrakPuskarmoola, Lodhra, Dasmoola, Giloy, JavasaKhadir, Vijayasar, Triphala, Kut, Manjistha, Deodar, Jaiphal, Chaturjat, Jaggery, Munkka, Kaith, Ashtavarga, etc.


Baidyanath Dashmoolarista can be used by women to regulate their menstrual cycles. It helps in maintaining normal hormonal balance so as to ensure normal menstrual periods.

It is equally beneficial for women after delivery of the baby as it helps in restoring the physical energy. This in turn helps women to recover fast from their condition.

Nursing mothers may also use this wonderful herbal remedy as it improves milk production.


15to 30 ml of Baidyanath Dashmoolarista may be taken with equal quantity of water for most excellent results.

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