Dhatri Lauh

Dhatri LauhPrepared by using an amazing blend of some of the most excellent herbal constituents such as Amlaki, Laugh Bhasma and Liquorice, Baidyanatn Dhatri Lauh proves to be a very good product for the digestive system. It helps in ensuring normal functions and overall good health of the digestive system in an absolutely safe and herbal way. As the name suggests, it is a very good source of iron too.


i. The antacid action of Dhatri Lauh helps in relieving acidity and hyperacidity.

ii. It offers relief from abdominal colic.

iii. Gas is released from the stomach.

iv. You may get rid of constipation with the help of Dhatri Lauh.
v. Food poisoning can be treated very well using this wonderful herbal remedy.
vi. It improves digestive capacity of the stomach.

vii. It helps in normalizing various digestive functions.

viii. It delays ageing process due to its anti-ageing action.

ix. It supplies requisite amount of iron to the body.

x. Dhatri Lauh is good for eyes as well. It helps in improving eye vision considerably.

xi. The entire body is rejuvenated using this product.

Recommendable dose

Generally, 2-4 tablets or 250 to 375mgs of Dhatri Lauh is advised to be taken two times in a day with honey. It offers best results when used regularly.

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