Diabecon DS

Himalaya Diabecon DS tablets are quite effective in the treatment of severe cases of diabetes. Although it is similar to the earlier product Diabecon in many respects however its strength is double as compared to the original product. It is quite efficient in management of Type II diabetes. It helps in improving the secretion of insulin hormone in the body so as to regulate and control excessively high blood sugar level.

Active ingredients

Shilajit, Indian Kino Tree extracts and Gymnem or Meshashringi

How is it useful?

  1. It lowers down the excessive blood sugar level so as to control the condition of diabetes automatically.
  2. It is rich in anti-diabetic action that helps in prevention of frequent diabetic attacks.
  3. It stimulates pancreatic beta cells to secrete insulin hormone in the requisite amounts so that the excess of sugar present in the blood may be oxidized into energy.
  4. It also helps in reducing the craving for sugar by curbing the taste buds for sweetness.
  5. The enzymes responsible for glucose metabolism are activated for their most optimal functions.
  6. It is equally efficient in management of insulin dependent and non-insulin dependent diabetes.


The dose of this herbal formula depends upon the physical needs of the patient. Therefore it is best to consult your physician to decide about its dose.

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