Diabecon Tablets

Diabecon DSIndicated by the name, Diabecon Tablets by Himalaya herbals are suitable for all such people who suffer from diabetes or high blood sugar. It helps in normalizing the functions of pancreatic beta cells for apt secretion of insulin hormone. This in turn cures and prevents the problem of diabetes in an effective way.


It is rich in Shilajeet, Gymnema’s or Meshashringi and Indian Kino tree or Pitasara.

Usefulness of Diabecon Tablets

  • Diabecon Tablets help in treatment of insulin dependent as well as non-insulin dependent diabetes in an efficient manner.
  • It helps in optimizing the functions of insulin hormone so that glucose or sugar present in the blood may be converted into energy for proper utilization.
  • The functions of pancreatic beta cells are normalized and regulated which in turn ensures proper combustion of the sugar present in the body.
  • Glucose metabolism is paced up very efficiently using this product.
  • It numbs the taste buds for sugar so that the sufferer may be able to cut down and ultimately give up sugar consumption completely.
  • Like all other products from Himalaya Company, Diabecon tablets are also safe for the human body in all respects. There are no side-effects or ill-effects on the overall body health.

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