DrakshasavaFor treatment and prevention of various health issues related to the different parts and organs of the body, human beings have to use different types of medicines. But Baidyanath group has formulated a unique herbal formulation called as Baidyanath Drakshasava. It is an amazing product that promotes good health and normal functions for various body parts and organs.

Chief constituents

It has been prepared by using multiple ingredients as given below.

  1. Marica
  2. Renuka
  3. Draksa
  4. Kankola
  5. Sarkara
  6. Jatiphala
  7. Citraka
  8. Dhataki
  9. Lavanga
  10. Ela
  11. Tejapatra
  12. Nagakesara
  13. Pippali
  14. Cavya
  15. Pippalimula

What are the chief uses?

  • Baidyanath Drakshasava acts as an excellent stimulant for the entire body. It stimulates all the cells, tissues and parts of the body to function normally and with maximum efficiency.
  • It is also a very good antipyretic and hence helpful in the treatment of numerous health issues.
  • It is a very good appetizer too. It improves appetite and hence promotes overall health of the body in a positive way.
  • It is good for the digestive system as well. It improves digestion so that various digestive issues that are commonly experienced by people in routine life may be dealt with automatically.

How to use?

You may take 15 to 30ml of this herbal formulation with equal quantity of water.


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