Eladi churna

Eladi churnaAs the name suggests, Baidyanath Eladi churna has been prepared using ela or elaichi as its chief component. Additionally, some other elements have also been used to make it apt in treatment and prevention of different types of health issues faced by people in routine life. It is chiefly indicated for certain digestive disorders. The major constituents of this herbal formula are-

  1. Ela
  2. Pipalmool
  3. Dhania
  4. Ajwainand Amalbet
  5. Keshar
  6. Chitrak
  7. Bhringraj
  8. Bansalochan
  9. Trikatu
  10. Munakka
  11. Anardana
  12. Jeera

What are the major uses of Eladi churna?

Baidyanath Eladi churna is chiefly used to soothe down any acidity and other discomforts caused due to indigestion. It is attributed to carminative properties contained in this wonderful remedy.

  1. It also helps in offering relief from nausea and vomiting owing to antemetic action shown by the wonderful constituents of this herbal formula.
  2. It helps in promoting digestive powers so that various problems that mainly arise due to indigestion may be cured and prevented.
  3. It can be used to treat anorexia as well.
Mode of administration

Different types of health problems may be treated and prevented by using 3 to 6gms of Eladi churna with honey.


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