GZQ-1 Full Automatic Pneumatic Consolidometer

GZQ-1 Full Automatic Pneumatic Consolidometer

The Full Automatic Pneumatic Consolidometer is used to determine compression performance of the soil under the conditions of different load and confining pressure. The complete set of the apparatus consists of consolidomenter, pneumatic controller, multichannel communication converter and data acquisition system. It can make an experiment on standard consolidation and quick consolidation test as well as testing consolidating compression and coefficient. The performance of the apparatus is stable and reliable. This apparatus is new model with some features such as low noise, separately control consolidation compression, consolidating compression to be set separately, easy to install software system and easy to operate etc. 


1. Capacity : 0 – 4.8kN

2. Load accuracy : ≤100kPa, absolute error : ≤±1.0kPa

≥100kPa – 1600kPa, relative error : ≤±1.0kPa

3. Specimen area : 30cm2, 50cm2

4. Pneumatic control range: 0 – 0.9MPa

5. Pressure transducer : 0 – 1.0MPa

6. Converter channel : 1 – 16 

7. Power supply : 220V±10% 50Hz

8. Dimension : Controller: 490 x 350 x 870mm (L x W x H)

Consolidometer: 390 x 188 x 230mm (L x W x H)

9. Weight : 76kg


7×24 熱 線