TSZ Series Full Automatic Triaxial Test Apparatus

TSZ Series Full Automatic Triaxial Test Apparatus

Serise TSZ Full Automatic triaxial test Apparatue adopts modern latest scientific technology,that combines machinery,electron technology,automatically controlled technology,transducer automatic detection technology and computer into one body.One apparatus and multi functions.Basic composition can carry out stress and strain unconfining test ,UU,CU and CD compression shear test.if allocate different test container and controlled module,it can carry out more test out more test such as Ko consolidation,static confining pressure coefficient, multi stress path triaxial,tension,it can carry out consolidation test loadinf grade by grade or continuous adding load.if allocate dynamic triaxial test.  


1.Speciamen size:Ø39.1mm,Ø61.8mm,Ø101mm

2. confining pressure : 0Mpa-2Mpa

3. back pressure : 0Mpa-2Mpa

4. Volume deformation :0ml-50ml, 0 ml– 100ml

5. Axial force : 0 – 10kN,0 – 30kN,0 – 60kN,

6. Pore pressure : 0mPa-2MPa

7. Sear speed : 0.0001mm/min-2.4mm/min.0.0001mm/min-4.8mm/min


7×24 熱 線