SLB-1 Stress-Strain Controlled Triaxial Shear Permeated Test Apparatus

SLB-1 Stress-Strain Controlled Triaxial Shear Permeated Test Apparatus

SLB-1 Apparatus is a type of multifunction flexible triaxial test apparatus which can conduct iso-stress and iso-strain control when triaxial test. It also can conduct unconsolidated-undrained test (UU), consolidated-undrained test (CU) and consolidated-drained (CD) test as well as some other tests such as anisotropic consolidation, isotropic consolidation, backpressure saturation, stress path test and permeated test. Every unit of the apparatus is controlled by microprocessor and it not only can be operated independently, but can conduct data exchange with computer and data acquisition processing as well. The data exchange through the computer communication. The computer gives the order to each controller and each controller can feed back the test data to the computer. The computer will draw up real time curve according to the test data and store the data, print out the curve and testing report. The computer adopts Delphi method language and the microprocessor adopts assembly language.


1. Axial load capacity: 0 – 20kN Accuracy: ±1%(10% - 95%FS)

2. Control method:

    a. iso-strain control: 0.002 – 4mm/min. ±10%

    b. iso-stress control : 3kN – 30kN Accuracy: ±1%

3. Specimen : Ø61.8 x 125mm, Ø39.1 x 80mm

4. Confining pressure : 0 – 1.99MPa

    Accuracy: ±0.5%FS

    Setting value: 0.01 – 1.95MPa

5. Back pressure : 0 – 0.99MPa

    Accuracy: ±0.5%FS

    Setting value: 0.01-0.95MPa

    a. Constant differential pressure controls permeability method 

    b. Constant flow permeability method ( 0.1 – 2ml/s )

6. Volume deformation : 0 – 800ml, digital display 

7. Dimension : 

    Main Unit: 515 x 350 x 1220mm (L x W x H)

    Controller: 980 x 450 x 900mm (L x W x H)

8. Weight : 258kg


7×24 熱 線