TFB-1 Non-saturating Soil Stress-strain Controlled Triaxial Test Aparatus

TFB-1 Non-saturating Soil Stress-strain Controlled Triaxial Test Aparatus

The apparatus can carry out iso-stress and iso-strain control unconsolidated-undrained (UU) test , consolidated-undrained (CU) test and consolidated-drained (CD) test as well as some other tests such as anisotropic consolidation, isotropic consolidation, back pressure saturation, Ko test, stress path test and stress control test. It also can carry out every triaxial test of saturating and non-saturating soil. The apparatus adopted microprocessor control and every unit can work independently and the computer can carry out data acquisition and control. The apparatus belongs to mare functions of flexible controlled triaxial test apparatus.


  1. Axial load:
    0~5000N, Accuracy: ±1%(10%~95%FS)
  2. Control method:
    a. Iso-strain control: 0.002~4mm/min ±10%
    b. Iso-stress control: 0kN~5000N, Accuracy: ±1%
  3. Specimen:
    Ø61.8×125mm, Ø39.1×80mm
  4. Confining Pressure:
    0~0.8MPa, Accuracy: ±0.05%FS
  5. Back Pressure:
    0~0.8MPa, Accuracy: ±0.05%FS,Setting Value: 0.01~0.8MPa
    a. Constant differential pressure controls permeability method
    b. Constant flow permeability method (2~30ml/min)
  6. Volume Deformation:
    0~50ml, digital display


7×24 熱 線