JDS-2 Digital Controlled Electric Compactor

JDS-2 Digital Controlled Electric Compactor

The compactor is suitable for the foundation engineering construction such as water conservancy dam, traffic, railway, airport and buildings etc.. With standard compaction method to determine the relationship between density and water ratio so as to confirm the dry density and moisture content of the soil.


1. Drop tracking device

2. Drop errors: ≤1%

3. Fan-shaped hammer head

4. Low speed synchromotor, stable driving motion

5. Automatic adjusting drop

6. Automatic stroke number control, mold spins automatically

7. Two kinds of hammer mass to meet different requirements .


1. Hammer: 2.5Kg / Ø51mm, 4.5Kg / Ø51mm

2. Hammer head, R=74mm, а=42.25° (Ø51mm)

3. Hammer drop: 305mm、457mm兩種落高可選

4. Specimen mold size: Ø102 x 116mm, Ø152 x 116mm, Ø152 x 166mm

5. Power supply: 220V±10% 50Hz

6. Sise of the apparatus: 460 x 380 x 1500mm (L x W x H)

7. Weight: 100kg



7×24 熱 線