LWD Series Marshall Stability Tester

LWD Series Marshall Stability Tester

The Marshall Stability Tester is used for determining thermal stability of bituminous mix material and capability of resistance to plastic deformation and flow value of the material as well as providing accurate basis for the composition of bituminous mix material. The tester has load and deformation transducer as well as digital load and flow indicator, It can automatically increase load and print out loading peak value and flow value、automatically draw the relationship curve between the load and deformation、automatically change the load. It is suitable for traffic engineering, university and research institute to make experiment use.


1. Capacity : 30kN

2. Proving ring: 30kN

3. Pressure ring accuracy : 0.01kN

4. Loading head: R50.8mm

5. Micrometer : division 0.01cm

6. Mold : Ø101.6 x 87.0mm

7. Specimen : Ø101.3 x 63.5mm

8. Load transducer accuracy : 1%

9. Displacement transducer accuracy: 1%

10. Data acquisition cycle : 5 times per second

Model Load test Flow test Auto degree Allocation Remarks
LDW-1 Proving ring Micrometer Hand operation  

Notice proving ring's readings


LDW–2 Load transducer Displacement transducer Digtal display load increasement Digital display indicator Adjust zero carefully
LDW-3 Load transducer Displacement transducer

Auto load increasement

Auto printing out

Auto discharge load

Digital display indicator


Automatically eliminate zero error



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