Gasex Tablets

Gasex_TabletGasex tablets from Himalaya pharmaceuticals are an apt remedy for such people who suffer from gaseousness and flatulence in the stomach more often. It helps in offering instant relief from gaseous distension by acting fast on the stomach. It aids in proper digestion of the foods consumed by the body so that production of gas in the stomach may be prevented in a natural way.

Benefits of Gasex tablets

  1. It is rich in anti-inflammatory properties that help in relieving gas fast.
  2. The digestion is improved to considerable extent so that any problems that may arise due to indigestion may be cured and prevented automatically.
  3. Flatulence in the stomach is combated by way of anti-flatulent action of this magical formula.
  4. Formation of ulcers in the stomach due to any reasons is prevented with the use of this herbal product under the guidance of health care experts.
  5. It exhibits antimicrobial action as well which in turn fights off microbes present in the stomach that may cause infections.
  6. It soothes down any types of discomforts in the stomach due to its carminative properties.
  7. It is a safe herbal formulation for all types of commonly experienced stomach problems in routine life.


How to use?

The dose may vary as per unique physical conditions therefore consultation with a healthcare expert is advisable.

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