Godanti (Harital) Bhasma

Godanti (Harital) BhasmaEnriched with the goodness of Godanti & Ghritkumari Rasa, Baidyanath Godanti (Harital) Bhasma is a wonderful remedy for varying issues related to the overall health of human body. It is one of the most excellent products from the store of Shree Baidyanath group. Since it is purely ayurvedic in nature therefore no harm is caused to the overall health of the body in any ways.

Usefulness of Godanti (Harital) Bhasma

Baidyanath Godanti (Harital) Bhasma shows strong anti-spasmodic properties and hence aids in relieving spasms related to various parts, organs and systems of human body.

  1. It can be used to get relieved of acidity and other commonly experienced digestive discomforts attributed to antacid properties contained in the ingredients of this herbal remedy.
  1. It is useful in treating common as well as chronic cough.
  1. Headache can be soothed down using this product.
  1. It can be used in the treatment of influenza.
  1. Similarly, malarial fever can also be successfully treated using this magical product.
  1. It acts as a general tonic for the entire body and hence promotes its good health in all respects.
  1. It exhibits emmenagogue properties as well and hence stimulate menstruation in women naturally.

Mode of using Godanti (Harital) Bhasma

You have to take 375 mg of this bhasma with honey to get rid of different types of health issues.

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