To perform sexual activity well, it is quite important that the two sex partners must get appropriately excited. It helps in achieving the desired sexual satisfaction. However, some people suffer from lack of sexual desire due to varying reasons and hence remain unsatisfied in terms of attainment of sexual pleasure. For such people, Himalaya Herbals has presented a wonderful product called as Gokshura capsules. These capsules help in increasing sexual desire which in turn improves performance.


  • Gokshura capsules help in increasing sexual desire or drive in men so that they may perform better in bed.
  • The level of testosterone hormone in the bodies of men is increased in a natural way using these capsules.
  • Sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction are also treated well.
  • The penis is strengthened with the use of this product.
  • It helps men to achieve harder and stronger erections.
  • Problem of premature ejaculation is also got ridden of.
  • It is equally beneficial for normal kidney functions.
  • It treats and prevents formation of kidney stones.
  • It also helps in offering relief from painful urination or bleeding urination.
  • It protects urinary tract and the urinary bladder against any infections.


Mostly one capsule is recommended to be taken two times in a day. The dose may vary in different people.

So you may also enjoy good sexual life using Gokshura capsules.

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