To enjoy overall good health, it is very much important that a person must have strong and properly working immune system. However some people suffer from low body immunity as a result of which they fall prey to numerous health issues more often. But they can also enhance their immunity by using a safe herbal product called as Guduchi capsules that have been made available by Himalaya pharmaceuticals. It is benefitting millions of people worldwide.


  1. Guduchi capsules are helpful in improving natural body immunity. It is done by increasing the efficiency of white blood cells that are responsible for the natural body immunity.
  2. Patients undergoing chemotherapy are also advised to use these capsules to counterbalance the ill-effects of radiations.
  3. It is equally good for the respiratory system as it optimizes all the functions of this important system.
  4. The skin is also assured of its good health with the use of this product.
  5. It is good for such people who suffer from joint pain or arthritis, gout or other inflammatory conditions associated with the joints.
  6. It acts as a very good diuretic and hence prevents occurrence of kidney stones as well as urinary tract infections.
  7. It also acts as a very good hepatoprotective. It treats and prevents viral hepatitis or chemical poisoning in the liver.
  8. All these benefits of Guduchi capsules make it worth using by anyone suffering from above-mentioned health issues.

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