The basic meaning of the term Guggulu as per Indian language is sap or gum resin that is chiefly obtained from the Commiphore Mukul tree. The gum resin of this tree is known for its medicinal values and therapeutic effect on the body and hence used in the preparation of various medicines or health care products. Baidyanath Guggulu can be used to treat multiple health issues related to the human body.

What are the major benefits?

  1. Baidyanath Guggulu can be used to relieve various signs and symptoms associated with arthritis. It offers effective relief from pain, inflammation, immobility and stiffness of the joints.
  2. It is particularly beneficial for those suffering from high cholesterol level. It keeps a check over cholesterol and hence prevents various heart issues.
  3. It can be used to get rid of acne, pimples and such other skin diseases.
  4. It is a very good product to get rid of obesity. It helps in reducing weight fast by pacing up metabolic activity. At the same time, it is free from any harmful effects on the body.

How to use?

Generally, 1-2 capsules of Baidyanath Guggulu are advised to be taken two times in a day. A healthcare physician may be consulted in case there are some serious health problems.

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