As the name suggests, Himalaya Hadjod capsules are used in the treatment and prevention of numerous health issues associated with bones and muscles. This herbal product has been prepared from the herb called as Winged Treebine or ‘asthisamharaka’. It is rich in strong healing properties and hence used to pace up the healing process for fractured bones. It also enhances the strength of the bones and muscles.

Benefits of Hadjod capsules

  • As stated above, Hadjod capsules are chiefly used to accelerate the healing process in case bones undergo some injury or fractures.
  • The pain and inflammation caused due to fractures or injuries are also relieved effectively and rapidly using this product.
  • The mineral density of the bones is also increased with the help of this amazing herbal product from Himalaya store. It is done by stimulation of the bone metabolism.
  • At the same time, the uptake of important minerals such as sulphur, calcium, phosphorus and strontium by the bones is also increased. This action is beneficial from point of view of good muscular health.
  • Fractures that may be caused due to osteoporosis are prevented provided these capsules are used regularly.

How to use?

Generally, two capsules of Hadjod are advised to be taken two times in a day.

You may also enjoy good bone health by taking Hadjod capsules on regular basis.

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