Haridra or what is commonly called as haldi is used in most Indian homes for cooking. It is rich in multiple medicinal properties and hence used in the preparation of certain medicines as well. Due to numerous health benefits associated with turmeric, it is made available in the form of capsules called as Himalaya Haridra capsules. These capsules are beneficial for human body in multiple ways.


  1. It is capable of purifying blood which in turn prevents numerous skin issues. Even skin complexion is improved naturally.
  1. It is also rich in such properties that help in keeping a check over the level of blood cholesterol.
  1. It is good for the digestive system as well. It reduces gas formation and acidity in the stomach.
  1. The liver is also made to work normally and most optimally using this wonderful product.
  1. It is apt in the treatment of gastric ulcers.
  1. Any types of inflammatory conditions in the body are treated well due to anti-inflammatory action exhibited by this herbal product.
  1. Respiratory system is protected against any types of allergies such as rhinitis or bronchitis.
  1. Similarly, skin allergies are also treated and prevented efficiently using this product.
  1. It is also helpful in reducing stress from the body and mind.


One capsule of Haridra may be taken two times in a day to get rid of different types of health issues.

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