HARITAKI CHURNAAs the name suggests, Baidyanath Haritaki Churna has been chiefly prepared by using haritaki or what is commonly called as Terminalia Chebula in medical science. It is rich in multiple properties that are helpful in offering various health benefits to the users. Due to its completely organic or herbal origin, this product is absolutely assured of its safety as far as overall health of human body is concerned.

Major benefits offered by Haritaki Churna

i. Baidyanath Haritaki Churna helps in cleaning the body internally. It helps in removal of all types of impurities and harmful agents from the body.

ii. The body is completely detoxified by removal of all the wastes and toxins.

iii. It supports normal digestive functions.

iv. The digestion is improved to considerable extent.

v. It also helps in improving appetite.

vi. It has a positive impact on the cells and tissues of the body which in turn promotes overall good health in a natural and safe way.

vii. It helps in optimizing the functions of the entire body.

viii. It has an accelerating effect on the metabolic activity too.

How to use?

You may take 1 teaspoonful of Haritaki Churna two times in a day to have the most excellent outcomes. It may be used regularly without the fear of any side-effects.


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